Baptisms officiants in Quebec

What is baptism? How do we celebrate?

Originally, Baptism is a Christian sacrament marked by a ritual use of water purifying and admitting the recipient to the Christian community.

Today, with the baptismal, welcoming ceremony or blessing ceremony, we are affirming the love and happiness for the presence of the child. Giving the child god-parents, the use of white clothing and purification with water, is therefore pursuing the tradition.

Welcoming a child in our community of human being that we are, accompanied by god-parents or not, is a warm greeting of good wishes representing each and everyone present for this special moment. The use of the baptismal candle represent the light that will guide the child through his life.

Le Nouveau Penser present you a significant welcoming ceremony for your child in accordance to your beliefs and traditions.

Frequently asked questions about baptism

Does baptism require to be registered at the government?

None is required, registration of birth is declared at the hospital when the child is born.

Does baptism allows the child to marry in the future?

It is the birth certificate from l’état civil that allows the person to be married and not the baptism certificate.

Later on in life, can my child be married religiously?

As an adult this person will choose to be baptised or married in accordance with the dogma of a religion.

What are the religious, legal or juridical conditions to baptize a child?


What are the required documents to proceed with baptism?


Do you provide a document stating that the baptism has taken place?

After the ceremony a Baptism certificate duly signed by the officiant is given to the parents.

Do we need a god mother and a god father for the baptism?

We suggest that there is a god mother and god father, and more we may recommend two god mothers or two god fathers.

Where can we celebrate a baptism?

At the place of your choice, home, garden, hotel…

How long the baptism ceremony will last?

The ceremony will last about 25 to 30 minutes.

When can we do a baptism ceremony?

At the time of your choice, during the week, weekends or evening.

Loved one's are they allowed to participate in the baptism ceremony?

We approve of such involvement. Time is allowed to do a lecture, play music, and more. Be creative.

May we modify wording and text of the ceremony?

We may make modifications in accordance to your preferences with the approval of your officiant.

How will the officiant be dressed?

Usually people prefers the officiant to be dressed in civilian clothing, they may also be dressed with a robe, a white gown and stole in order to meet your beliefs.

How much is the officiant's fee for a baptism?

The fee varies in accordance with the distance the officiant has to cover. Please note that it is a turn-key fee pertaining to the ceremony.

How do we go about reserving with Le Nouveau Penser?

You may go ahead s soon as you have decided upon the day, time and venue for your marriage.
On our website look-up your region and team with one of our officiant or call the office of Le Nouveau Penser at (514) 254-2951, they will note the information pertaining to your marriage and will designate the next available person to officiate your marriage. This officiant will call you in the next 24 hours.

How do we go about payment for the baptism?

Usually it is paid directly to the officiant by check, money order, or bank transfer.

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